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Travel Resources

Travel Resources for Women

Travel Resources

  • Amadeus - This travel website is one of the giants in cyberspace, its content suits all types of travellers - young or aged, lazy or adventurous.
  • Backpack Europe on a Budget - "Definitely the first site you should visit if you plan to 'pack it' across Europe.
  • Backpacker Advice - Backpacker Advice aims to provide you with all the first-hand information, tips and help you could possibly need in regards to budget travelling.
  • Boots 'n All is the ultimate resource for independent travellers. Whether you are planning a trip, actually on a trip, just back from a trip or simply thinking about travel, Boots 'n All probably has a resource or two that may interest you.
  • Frommers - The most trusted name in the travel industry today. With more than 45 years of travel expertise, currently spaning 18 book series with over 300 titles, an award-winning website and a magazine. Today Arthur Frommer remains active and essential to the overall success of the brand. Frommer's is a content-oriented travel site where the cost-conscious traveller will find authoritative commentary on and recommendations for the best experiences travel has to offer. Whether you have your tickets in hand or are just figuring out where you want to go, Frommer's offers all the resources you need to plan the vacation of a lifetime.
  • Bug - Forums, Books, Ride Sharing, and Information for Backpackers.
  • CIA The World Fact Book - Here you can read just about about every country in the world. Geography, topography, infrastructure - you name it, they've got it.
  • Hobo Traveller - Free Backpackers Travel Guide, 100 message boards and travel tips newsletter.
  • Leisure Group Travel - Provides destination knowledge and how-to advice to group travel leaders, bank travel clubs, religious travel groups, tour operators, travel agents and the other group travel organisers.
  • Lets Go - Travel guides, the resource for the independent traveller.
  • Lonely Planet- Lonely Planet travel guides are designed to kick start your travels and help you on your way. Just a click away is the information sourced from our authors, researchers and fellow travellers.
  • My Trip Journal - This website lets you create your own travel website. Plot your journey with the built-in mapping system. Store and display your photos, stories and experiences. Email system makes it easy to communicate with your friends.
  • National Geographic - One of the best travel resources on the web.
  • The Connected Traveller - Worldly words, sight and sound.
  • The Wander Lust - The Wanderlust Survival Guide is a collection of travel tips and humorous anecdotes for world travellers. With this round-the-world travel guide in hand, you’ll learn all you need to know to be happy while travelling, and you’ll be laughing all the way.
  • Travellers Digest - A Global Tourism & Trade Industry Company that provides extensive  travel information and resources worldwide for travellers.
  • Trip Spot - The travel resource centre of the Web, simplifies the search for the best travel-related resources online. From the site, quickly and easily find travel news, maps, weather forecasts, deal finders, reservation services, travel auctions, destination ideas, state and international tourism information, airlines, rentals cars, hotels, campsites, dining, festivals and much more.

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