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Outdoor Product Manufacturers


Bathing Products

  • Cascade Designs - Distributors of Packtowl camp and travel towels.
  • Light Load Towels - Purchase the lighwww. most versatile, biodegradable, and super absorbent travel and beach towels ever; have it be part of your hiking, backpacking, camping, travel and other outdoor activity gear

Climbing & Rescue Gear

  • Arc'teryx - About the company and their products. (harnesses)
  • Aspiring Enterprises - About the company and its products (harnesses, webbing, ropes, biners). Offers information on product standards and www.ng, as well as correct harness use.
  • Black Diamond Equipment - About the company and their products. Articles. Schedule of upcoming demos and events. Will sell to consumers online. (protection, ice climbing gear, aid gear, biners, harnesses, headlamps, ropes)
  • Bluewater - About the company and its products. Impact conversion chart and formulas. Dealer search. About their sponsored climbers. (ropes)
  • CAMP Technical Equipment - Italian manufacturer of rock and ice hardware, harnesses, helmets, climbing holds, rucksacks, and clothing. Site includes complete product catalogue with technical specifications.
  • Climb Axe - About their products. The company also resells other companies' gear. (ice gear, harnesses, biners)
  • CMI Gear - Manufactures harnesses, webbing products, hardware, and ropes. Located in Franklin, West Virginia. On-line ordering available.
  • DMM - About their products. Neil Grisham's Training Tips. Dealer list. (harnesses, belay devices, protection, ice tools)
  • Edelrid - About their products. Technical information on construction and www.ng. (ropes, helmets, harnesses, biners)
  • EP USA - Climbing Walls and Holds.
  • Esprit Ropes - About the company and their products. Table suggesting appropriate uses for each rope. (ropes)
  • Fish - Online catalogue and order form. Topos for Yosemite, California walls. Trip reports. Technical information re: materials strength and bolting. Dealer list. (aid gear, including portaledges)
  • Fixe USA - About the company and their products. (bolts, hangers, and other anchor hardware and accessories)
  • Grivel - About their products. Downloadable instructions. (ice gear, helmets)
  • Kong - About the company and their products. Technical articles. Online product instructions. Press releases. (belay devices, bolts, ice gear, harnesses, helmets, ropes)
  • Lanex - About the company and their products plus news and photos from Europe. (ropes, cord, harnesses, and webbing)
  • La Sportiva - About their products. News. Interviews. Competition information and results. Content in English, Italian, German, and French. (shoes)
  • Mammut - About the company their products. Dealer list. (ropes, harnesses, biners)
  • Marmot - Ropes and Shoes.
  • Metolius - About the company and its products. Dealer list. Home gym and training articles. (protection, belay devices, biners, bolts, harnesses, aid gear, home gym gear, ropes)
  • Mega Grip - Ordering by phone. Topos for various crags near Derbyshire, UK. Photos from Thailand. Topo for Eagle Crag, Thailand. (chalk and accessories)
  • Metolius Climbing Equipment Climbing Gear.
  • Misty Mountain - About the company and their products. About their sponsored climbers. Video clips. (harnesses, bouldering gear, aid gear)
  • Nicros - Climbing Wall Equipment.
  • Omega Pacific - About the company and its products. Upcoming sponsored events. (biners, ice gear, belay devices)
  • Petzl - About the company and its products. Online illustrated technical manual for climbing and caving. (carabiners, helmets, harnesses, ascenders)
  • PMI - About the company and their products. Dealer list. Technical articles. (ropes)
  • Pod Sacs - About the company and their products. (accessories)
  • Red Chili - About their products. News and video clips from their sponsored climbers. Dealer locator for European dealers. Photos. (shoes)
  • Salewa - About the company and their products. Dealer locator. (harnesses, helmets, biners, ice gear, via Ferrata equipment)
  • Scarpa - About the company and its products. Technical information about manufacturing rock shoes. About their sponsored climbers. Advice on fitting boots. (shoes)
  • Seattle Manufacturing Company (SMC) - About the company and their products. Advice on care and maintenance of carabiners and pulleys. (Carabiners, ice gear, rescue gear)
  • Simond - About their products. Dealer locator. Ice climbing tips. Online versions of the instructions booklets included with their gear. Photos. (ice gear, ropes, belay devices, carabiners)
  • Singing Rock - About the company and its products. Dealer list. (belay devices, carabiners, harnesses, ropes)
  • Sterling Rope - About the company and their products. Photos and trip reports from their sponsored climbers. (ropes)
  • Teufelbergher - Produces steel wire ropes for ropeways and cranes, commercial marine ropes, high-performance industrial ropes, recreational climbing ropes, and ropes for other technical applications, harnesses and ropes for personal fall protection equipment and arboriculture as well as composite braiding components and metal-composite interconnections
  • The North Face - About the company and their products. Trip reports and photos from sponsored expeditions including Everest; Great Trango Tower, Pakistan; Devil's Thumbnail, Greenland; and Madagascar. About their sponsored climbers. Dealer locator. (aid gear, including portaledges)
  • Trango - About their products. Dealer list. Trip report from Thunder Mountain, Alaska by Malcolm Daly. (protection, aid gear, belay devices, carabiners, ice gear)
  • Triop - About their products. General contact information. (shoes)
  • Wild Things - About the company and its products. Includes a page for the Mont-Blanc Defense Fund. (packs, harnesses, accessories, runners)
  • Yates - About the company and their products. (aid gear, screamers, harnesses, biners, ascenders)


  • Aussie Bush - Aussie Bush offers a wide selection of authentic Australian made hats.
  • Berghaus - Outdoor clothing.
  • Fox River - Fox River Mills is your source for high-performance outdoor, athletic and casual socks, and hand wear. Through our innovative designs, we've offered comfort, fit and durability for over 100 years.
  • Gore-Tex - Clothing.
  • Helly Hansen - Thermal Wear and quality clothing for all outdoor activities.
  • Hind - Technical apparel manufacturers.
  • Huntech - Huntech Outdoor Clothing Systems are manufacturers of the highest quality, most innovative hunting, shooting and fishing clothing and equipment. Proudly manufactured in New Zealand and proven in the wildernesses of the World.
  • Kluane Mountaineering - Vests, Parkas, Booties and Gaiters.
  • La Fuma - Sport wear and outdoor clothing.
  • Macpac - Clothing made in New Zealand.
  • Mammut - Clothing.
  • Marmot - Extensive range of Outdoor Clothing.
  • Mountain Hard Wear - Clothing.
  • Norsewear - From the very beginning we have been proud to use the very best locally grown wools. We have kept all the traditional Norsewear favourites, but broadened our range to include more technical products. At Norsewear we are proud of our status and heritage, and we are a company with a true social conscience in all that we do to support the community, locally and nationally. Norsewear is truly a New Zealand icon.
  • Patagonia - Clothing.
  • Prana - Clothing.
  • The North Face - Clothing.
  • Tilley - Tilley hats and the finest travel clothing in the world.
  • Sierra Designs - We design our Women's Clothing specifically for women, and our Men's Clothing specifically for men. Extensive studies of body types, metabolisms, even sweat patterns factor into every piece of clothing we make, pocket placement, collar height, ventilation systems, sleeve lengths and width is selected to give the best fit and performance possible.
  • Wilderness Wear - Thermal underwear and active wear, technical socks, Microlite™ travel & outdoor clothing - shirts, shorts, pants & rainwear, knitwear and Polartec™ items, oilskin & japara jackets and pants.

Cooking, Containers, Refrigeration & Associated Products

  • Coleman
  • Furphy Foundry - Furphy's Foundry Shepparton Australia, cast iron camping and kitchen equipment.
  • Marmot - Stoves.
  • Nalgene - Back in 1949, a Rochester, New York chemist named Emanuel Goldberg developed the first plastic pipette holder. Along with three workers, he began the Nalge Company in a small building at 625 South Goodman Street. For years Goldberg and his growing team developed the NALGENE line of state-of-the-art polyethylene laboratory equipment: centrifuge bottles, filter units, storage tanks.
  • Waeco Pacific - Reputably the World's largest manufacturer of DC Portable and Mobile Refrigerators and related accessories. WAECO has been manufacturing refrigerators for over 25 years with more than 4 million refrigerators sold in over 40 countries on five continents.

First Aid & Emergency Equipment


  • Backpackers Pantry - Backpacker's Pantry is a family owned and operated business dedicated to exploring and preserving our natural environment. Backpackers Pantry feel strongly that the outdoor experience is a vital part of life to be respected and cherished. As a result, a portion of every sale is given to organizations dedicated to preserving our planet for future generations.
  • Mountain House - The choice of backpackers, hikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts for over 30 years.


  • Asolo - Asolo's mission is to realize a boot that responds to your needs: from walking to trekking, from backpacking to the most difficult ascents on ice or mixed terrains, in all conditions and on different altitudes.
  • Berghaus -
  • Hi-Tech -
  • La Sportiva -
  • Lowa - Shoes and Boots.
  • Marmot - Boots.
  • Merrell - Boots.
  • Scarpa - Footwear for all outdoor activities.
  • Technica - Hike Boots, Inline Boots, Ski Boots and Winter Boots.
  • Teva - Sport Sandals.
  • Thorlo - For the past 17 years, THOR·LO, Inc. has dedicated itself to understanding and applying comfort, which has produced a significant body of information on COMFORT·SCIENCEand its user benefit: Preventive·Foot·Health™ .
  • Vasque - Vasque founder William Sweasy traveled to Europe in 1964 and witnessed a hiking craze sweeping the continent. He returned home determined to create purpose-built trail boots to mobilize Americans outdoors.
  • Viakix - Hiking Sandals, comfortable Athletic Stylish, for Hiking, Outdoors, Walking, Water, Sports and an awesome page about arch support when it comes to hiking sandals.
  • Zamberland - The business of manufacturing quality mountain boots was started back in 1929 by Giuseppe Zamberlan, the father of our present Chairman, Emilio. Today, even Emilio’s son and daughter, the third generation of the family, are actively involved in the manufacturing, www.ng and selling of Zamberlan boots.

Kayaking & Canoeing

  • Cascade Designs - Distributors of Seal Line products.
  • Macpac - Products made in New Zealand.
  • Marmot - Kayaks, Canoes and accessories.
  • Pouch Boats - German based company producing several high performance folding kayaks you carry in a pouch.
  • Salamander - Clothing, Travel, Accessories and Water Rescue Equipment.
  • Soar Inflatables - SOAR canoes are high performance, tough, reliable, compact, portable, stable, comfortable inflatables, prized for their large cargo capacity and ingenious grommet strips that allow gear to be easily and securely lashed, and seats to be moved around for best weight distribution.
  • Porta-Bote - Unique folding, portable boats fold to 4 inches (10 cm) flat. Ideal for the fishing, boating, sailing, hunting and camping enthusiast who lacks the space to store or transport ordinary boats.


Hydration & Filtering Systems

  • Cascade Designs - Distributer of MSR, Therm-a-Rest, Platypus (Hydration Systems, Sweet Water Purifiers, and Filters), SealLine, Case, PackTowl, Hummingbird, and Tracks.
  • General Ecology Inc. - 30 years of water purification expertise, manufacturer of chemical-free water purifiers and micro water filters for customers world wide.
  • Katadyn - Katadyn of Switzerland has been producing high quality portable water systems since 1928. Their history has been one of innovation and durability. Katadyn products are used by militaries, health organisations and outdoor adventurers world-wide. No other water system provides higher quality or longer lasting performance.
  • Camelbak - Has spent over a decade helping people to maximize their performance, comfort, and health by providing the highest quality drink delivery systems available.


  • Coast - manufacturer and distributor of high quality LED headlamps, flashlights and lanterns, as well as hunting and sporting knives and multi tools.
  • Coleman
  • Pelican - Manufacturer of technically advanced lighting instruments and water tight protector cases.
  • Petzl - Head Lamps.
  • Maglite - Mag Instrument is dedicated to the highest standards of integrity. We seek performance and a reputation reflecting the very best we can achieve. Each Mag Instrument flashlight represents a culmination of more than 20 years of research, development and continuous state-of-the-art refinement in every precision feature.
  • Princetontec - Using the finest materials available, Princeton Tec sport lights are built to provide maximum performance in any weather condition, offering waterproof integrity up to 2,000 feet. Made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty, Princeton Tec offers the highest power to weight ratio of any headlamp or flashlight brand in its class.

Navigation, Orienteering & Maps

  • Lowrance - Lowrance Electronics, Inc. presently offers the most comprehensive range of sonar and GPS products available from any one manufacturer for use in outdoor recreation and aviation.
  • Magellan GPS - A leader in global positioning systems.
  • Silva - has developed, produced and marketed compasses and instruments since the beginning of the 1930s. The Groups activities have all grown from a Swedish invention, which resulted in the world-renowned compasses, and equipment for orienteering.
  • Suunto - Suunto is one of the leading manufacturers of diving instruments and water sport suits and the world's leading manufacturer of wristop computers and field compasses.


  • Thule - Load Carriers, Bike Carriers, Ski Carriers, Water Sport Carriers, Carrier Baskets and Special Carriers.

Skates, Skis & Associated Equipment

Sleeping Equipment

  • Cascade Designs - Distributer of MSR, Therm-a-Rest, Platypus, SealLine, Case, PackTowl, Hummingbird, and Tracks.
  • Kluane Mountaineering - Kluane built its reputation on the quality of its sleeping bags and Kluane down sleeping bags are, we believe, the finest obtainable anywhere. No other sleeping bag offers all the design and construction features found on Kluane Sleeping Bags.
  • La Fuma - Sleeping Bags.
  • Macpac - Sleeping Bags made in New Zealand.
  • Mammut - Sleeping Bags.
  • Marmot - Sleeping Bags.
  • Mountain Hard Wear - Sleeping Bags.
  • Sierra Designs - Offer gender-specific sleeping bags in 5 different categories, depending upon your body type, sleeping habits and outdoor activities.
  • Western Mountaineering - Along with quality materials and workmanship our design features set our sleeping bags apart from all others.
  • Bug-Proof Hammock - These lightweight bug-proof camping hammocks are the choice of hikers, hunters, fishermen, mountain bicycle tourists. Outdoor lovers agree this lightweight heavy duty bug-proof camping hammock combines more characteristics than any camping hammock available.


Travel Accessories

Trekking Poles Information

Australian Dealers


  • Leatherman - World renown multi-purpose tools.
  • Gerber - Your source for outdoor and personal products from Gerber Legendary Blades. We carry the complete line of Gerber knives and tools as well as some specials and items not available elsewhere.
  • Tasco Australia - Binoculars, telescopes, riflescopes, and spotting scopes in this catalogue from the world's largest consumer optical company.


Water Proofing

  • Nikwax - Almost any piece of gear, clothing and footwear that you own can be treated with NIKWAX to give it the best water repellent performance possible. We offer a specialized line of waterproofing and care products that are specifically formulated for the various materials used in modern outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment. NIKWAX treatments are all easy-to-use applications that maintain, restore, and add water repellency without effecting breathability.
  • Waproo - Waproo began manufacturing shoe and leather care products in Melbourne Australia in 1945 and has grown to become one of Australia’s leading privately owned shoe and leather care companies.

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