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Backpack Component Manufacturers

Buckle & Fastener Manufacturers


  • ITW Fastex -
    Buckle and Fastener Hardware
    Address: 2 - 4 Eskay Rd, Sth Oakleigh, Vic. 3167, Australia
    Phone: Ph: + 61 3 9570 2566 Fax: + 61 3 9570 2780


  • Pacific Industry Co - (Korea)
    Plastic, Foam, & Rubber Sheet Products & Related Machinery
    Address: 716, Pasan-dong, Seongseo Industrial Zone, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea
    Phone: +82-53-584-7211 Fax: +82-53-584-7217

United States

  • ITW Nexus - Plastic Buckles and Closure Components have been designed and manufactured for over 25 years by ITW Nexus. In fact, in 1977, we invented the original Side Release buckle that revolutionized the closure market.
    Address: 195 Algonquin Road, Des Plaines, IL USA 60016-6197
    Phone: 847-299-2222 Fax: 847-390-6183
  • National Molding, LLC - Specialty Buckle and Fastener Hardware
    Address: Northwest 60th Avenue Miami Lakes, FL 33014
    Tel: (305) 364-7789 Fax: (305) 557-1431


  • Forwin - Our main business is the manufacturing of all kinds of metal and plastic baggage hardware and accessories, zippers, sliders, buckles, loops, hooks, pads, rivets, corner wheels, combination locks, Carts, puller handle systems (trolley), logo patches, pendants, etc.

Fabric Manufacturers


  • Bruck Group - Bruck textiles is a privately owned Australian company that has been developing and manufacturing quality fabrics since 1946. producing fabrics used in applications such as military, mining, oil and gas, structural and wildland fire fighting, workwear, corporate wear, metal smelting and general industrial.


  • Eschler AG Textile Mill - Manufacturer of knit fabrics for active sportswear, industrial textiles, sophisticated basic materials for embroideries and lingerie, home textiles, bed linen and sleepwear.


  • Sankhla Textiles - Technical textile manufacturers from Bangalore, India supplying fabrics to the military for their BPJ, rucksacks and backpacks.


  • Geosung Textile - (Korea) Manufactures nylon oxford and awning fabrics.
  • Kolon Industries, Inc - (Korea) Diversified manufacturing company, active in textiles, plastics, electronics, chemicals and bioengineering. Continuous filament yarns for knitting and weaving, from polyester and polyamide. Also, spandex and specialty yarns, and microfiber based artificial leathers.


  • Chung Yueh Industry CO., Ltd - (Taiwan) One Of the Affiliated Industry Of “Nam Liong” Group. One Of the 100 Biggest Groups In Taiwan. We supply and develop Quality Material for Backpacks, Luggage, Lady Bags, School Bags, Golf Bags etc.

United States

  • Brookwood Companies, Inc - (USA) Versatile group of textile manufacturers and service providers. Design and manufacture of polyamide and polyester fabrics for backpacks and high-performance apparel. Also, dyeing, coating, laminating and converting services. On-line business to business shopping.
  • Duracote Corporation  - (USA) Manufacturer of laminated and coated textile fabric for tent, awning, aircraft, automotive, and other applications.
  • HLC Industries - (USA) Converts and supplies fabrics for military and commercial items for a worldwide customer base. Divisions include H.Landau, Gladwyne Textiles, and Aerotex Products.
  • Invista - INVISTA transforms daily life through its innovations in the nylon, spandex, polyester and specialty materials industries. A subsidiary of privately owned Koch Industries, Inc., INVISTA operates in more than 20 countries across North America, South America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. Explore INVISTA’s global locations.

Zipper Manufacturers

Waterproof Zippers

  • TIZIP - TITEX Vertriebs-Gmbh founded in 1998 is producing and selling waterproof zippers for several applications. The main office and the factory are located in Heilsbronn, Germany, near to Nürnberg.



  • YKK Zippers - (Japan) The world's largest and most respected developer, manufacturer and supplier of quality fasteners of all shapes, sizes and materials. YKK supply not only the fashion industry, but also the automotive, home ware, pharmaceutical and protective clothing industries, to mention but a few.

Hong Kong


  • YBS Zippers - (Korea) A total 25  years of accumulated technology using the most updated appliances from Korea Zipper CO., LTD. Also, we re-established all YBS Zipper production and updated appliance factories in Korea, and Qindao, Dongguan, Huwangju in China. In major sewing industry nations such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Peking, Simyang, Black Dragon River, Indonesia, and Vietnam, we set up direct selling & A/S centre for customer satisfaction New Millennium. In the near future, we will spread the A/S centres towards the U.S. and Europe.


  • Atics Industrial Corporation - (Taiwan) A specialized zipper manufacturer in Taiwan with more than 28 years of experience in an integrated production system with the policy of making and supplying top-quality zippers.
  • CPC & LIU - (Taiwan): Established in 1974. CPC have well experience of manufacturing and supplying zippers and zipper machinery to several well-known brand customers in the world. Reliable quality and customer's satisfaction give them a chance to grow.
  • Egia Slide Fastener Industry Co., Ltd. - (Taiwan) We create our own zipper-making equipment, allowing us to offer special designs that other manufacturers can't provide. 1,000,000 yards of brass, aluminium, nickel brass, antique brass and antique silver zippers are made monthly. Products come with ASTM, DIN, BS and JIS approval and include Nickel Free, Antique Nickel, Symmetric 2 Way, Brass, Aluminium, and Nickel zippers; Wires; Sliders; and Tape.

Webbing, Tape, Velcro & Hardware


  • Velcro Australia Pty Ltd - Today the Velcro companies are a technologically-driven, global organization and the industry leader in hook and loop fasteners.

New Zealand

  • Webbing and Tapes - (New Zealand) Manufacturer of polypropylene webbing, UV protected webbing, and cotton tapes in a range of colours, styles, widths, and tenacity.

United States

  • TN Webbing - In business since 1990, we have been saving manufacturers money by offering high quality surplus webbing. Including factory seconds, overruns, surplus, and obsolete webbing.
  • Velcro USA Inc - Today the Velcro companies are a technologically-driven, global organization and the industry leader in hook and loop fasteners.

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