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Outdoor Books

  • Take A Walk - Publications of walks in Queensland and New South Wales Australia.
  • Lonely Planet - Australian based Lonely Planet guidebooks.
  • 11guides.htm - Guidebooks, Other Information Sources, and Emergency Thinking.
  • Fodor's - New York based Fodor's guidebooks.
  • Rough Guides - UK based Rough Guides.
  • Rick Steve's - TV host and author of Europe Through the Back Door.
  • The Mountaineers Books - Born from the hand-scribbled trail maps and wilderness passion of its members, Washington's nearly 100-year-old Mountaineers Club established the non-profit Mountaineers Books in 1960 to express and share its love of the natural outdoors.
  • Wilderness Books - Wilderness Press continues to set the mark for comprehensive, accurate, and readable outdoor books. From sea kayaking to snowshoeing, and leisurely rambles through the woods to challenging climbs on glacial mountains, we publish and distribute the highest quality books and maps in the industry. Hikers, backpackers, kayakers, skiers, snowshoers, climbers, cyclists, surfers, and trail runners rely on Wilderness Press for accurate outdoor adventure information.
  • Outdoorable - Here you'll find the outdoor-books you've been looking for. In association with several online bookstores we offer you the best in outdoor-related books, videos, DVDs, trips and Internet-resources.
  • Cordee - Europe's largest specialist wholesaler of recreation / travel books, maps and videos since 1973, is still growing thanks to its loyal customers throughout the world.

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