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Outdoor Gear Repair


United States

  • Rainy Pass Repair INC - Largest Outdoor Repair Facility in the USA.
    Repair Facility: 5307 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105 (888) RIP STOP  (206) 523-8135
    Corporate Office: P.O. Box 1085, Whitefish, MT 59937   (800) 959-4626  (406) 862-4626
  • Specialty Outdoors - THE outdoor gear sewing and repair experts. Alterations, modifications and problem solving of technical clothing and equipment are our specialty.
  • Boyer's Boot n Shoe - We've repaired boots and shoes since 1920. We know footwear inside and out. We offer full repair services, from minor stitching to complete rebuilding.
    Address: 420 North 36th Street, Quincy, IL USA 62301
    Toll Free: 877-65-BOOTS Fax: 217-223-1004
  • Dave Page Cobbler - Since 1969 Dave Page Cobbler has earned an international reputation as the industry leader in the repair of fine sports footwear. Our staff has over 90 years experience. We combine our skills with modern Italian presses, boot repair machinery and the newest techniques to ensure that we can rebuild your footwear to nearly new condition that will meet or exceed factory specifications.

United Kingdom

  • Scottish Mountain Gear Limited - Our operation is in two distinct halves, the repair and manufacture of outdoor gear. We repair tents, caravan awnings, rucksacks, sleeping bags and other textile products while our manufacturing side produces a range of quality rucksacks, bags and outdoor accessories.
    Address: Unit 17 Fisherrow Industrial Estate, Newhailes Road, Musselburgh EH21 6RU
    Phone: General Repair & Product Enquiries 0131-653 1310
  • Lancashire Sport - Lancashire Sports Repairs specialise in high quality repairs for outdoor performance footwear, clothing and rucksacks. Address: 19 Athletic Street, Burnley, Lancs. BB10 4LP Phone: 01282 439109 Fax: 01282 453377

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