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Outdoor Adventurers

  • ExploraPoles - ExploraPoles is one of the websites of the International Polar Foundation. It provides an overview of polar expeditions and explorers. We hope that, through adventure, one can discover these fabulous regions and their importance for our planet's climate system
  • Arctic Photo - English photographers who have been capturing the lives of Arctic people for twenty years including the much unheard about Reindeer herders of Siberia.
  • Benedict Allen - A prolific explorer/adventurer from England dedicated to travelling with the assistance of local tribes around the world.
  • Angus Adventures - Colin Angus Canadian adventurer/author who sailed the world at 19, and was part of the first team to raft the entire Amazon and the Yenisey in Siberia. Tim travelled with him on the Yenisey journey.
  • Our Spirit - Offers life-changing adventures that have been created by the spirit that lies deep within every Australian citizen today.
  • Pacific Crest Trail Adventure - Entertaining and informative account of a New Zealander's five month solo hike from Mexico to Canada, through the wilderness areas of California, Oregon, and Washington.
  • Tim Cope Journeys - 'Young Australian Adventurer of the Year’ Tim Cope has spent the past six years pursuing dreams of travel and exploration. At the core of his journeys is a love of adventure, people, and personal challenge. For Tim, adventure is not about conquering the elements, but learning about the world by immersing himself in the different cultures, landscapes and situations he encounters.

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