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To assist in choosing which size/length of backpack is best for you, first Measure your Torso Length (This link will open a new window with instructions and diagram for accurately measuring your own Torso Length).

Hiking Backpacks

Ascent 55 Ascent 65
$180.64 $112.90 $190.13 $118.83
Ascent Hike Pack Ascent Hike Pack
Small 55 to 65 litre Medium 65 to 85 litre
Torso 42cm to 50cm Torso 46cm to 54cm
Main Peak 55 MK3 Main Peak 65 MK3 Main Peak 75 MK3 Main Peak 85 MK3
$215.41 $161.56 $222.77 $167.08 $232.69 $174.52 $237.76 $178.32
Main Peak MK3 Hike Pack Main Peak MK3 Hike Pack Main Peak MK3 Hike Pack Main Peak MK3 Hike Pack
X Small 55 to 70 litre Small 65 to 80 litre Medium 75 to 90 litre Large 85 to 100 litre
Torso 38cm to 46cm Torso 42cm to 50cm Torso 46cm to 54cm Torso 50cm to 58cm

Specials Icon Hiking Pack Super Savers

Alpine 55 Alpine 65 Main Peak 65 MK2
$210.92 $131.83 $222.12 $138.83 $216.11 $135.07
Alpine Alpine Main Peak MK2
X Small 55 litre Small 65 litre Small 65 to 80 litre
Torso 38cm to 46cm Torso 42cm to 50cm Torso 38cm to 46cm

White Mountain Backpacks™, travel backpacks, hybrid backpacks, hike packs, daypacks, designers, wholesale direct, backpack fitting specialists, anatomically correct quality backpacks at the lowest prices. Backpack fitting experts specialising in FREE custom fitting of internal frame travel packs, hike packs, and framed daypacks, including any brand purchased from other suppliers. To correctly customise and contour the Internal Staves of online orders, all we need is the correct Torso Length of your back. We offer premium quality, anatomically correct, high functioning backpacks at extraordinarily low prices when compared to any high quality competitor product, with guaranteed exceptional performance, fit, comfort, and quality.