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Step 4 - Positioning the Lower Load Stabiliser Straps

Where are the Lower Load Stabiliser Straps located?

The Lower Load Stabiliser Straps are attached to the backpack and then located on each side of the Hip Belt. These Lower Load Stabiliser Straps are designed to draw the backpack down and into the lower lumbar region of the back to provide load stability, and most importantly prevent the backpack from dropping and placing unnecessary load on the shoulders and lower back. This function can only be achieved if the Internal Staves are contoured to the lower back curvature, as a large lumbar pad  with straight, or near straight Internal Staves will simply compress under weight and slide downwards.

What are the Lower Load Stabiliser Straps?

All effective backpack design will include Lower Load Stabiliser Straps that connect the harness at the lower backpack, to the Hip Belt. Lower Load Stabiliser Straps on either side of each Hip Belt draw the backpack into the lower back and minimize backpack sway, or float at the base of the backpack providing a static position for effective weight transfer to the lower back. With contoured Internal Staves resting flat on the lower back, a correctly positioned backpack and Hip Belt, and tensioned Lower Load Stabiliser Straps, the backpack will not slide downward.

How do you use the Lower Load Stabiliser Straps?

If scrambling or climbing, loosen the Lower Load Stabiliser Straps to allow for hip movement and marginally tighten the Harness Shoulder Straps to put more of the weight on the shoulders. When walking an even path, pull these two Lower Load Stabiliser Straps simultaneously to draw the backpack close to the back and into the lower back, and marginally loosen the Harness Shoulder Straps. This will provide for a greater distribution of weight on the lower back rather than on the shoulders.

Step 5 - Sternum Strap

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