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Internal Staves FAQ's

What are the Internal Staves?

The White Mountain Internal Staves are two flat bars of aircraft grade aluminium that are approximately 30 mm in width and a 3 mm in depth. We then incorporate these Internal Staves into the harness of the backpack to run vertically from the top to the bottom of the backpack. The Internal Staves are generally positioned in the backpack at a point either side of the spine and can be made of aluminium, plastic, fibreglass, or a composite material. These Internal Staves should always be easily accessible and removable for contouring to the individual’s back.

Do the Internal Staves need contouring to the individual back?

We often hear customers told that the Internal Staves will take the shape of their back during use, and that it is not necessary to contour these Internal Staves as part of the fitting procedure. If you have attempted to bend the White Mountain Backpacks™ Internal Staves, you will appreciate the inaccuracy of this comment. There are Internal Staves available on the market soft enough to form the shape of your back, but these will not function as required. In our opinion, for the sales person to not contour the Internal Staves as part of the sale, would be nothing more than an excuse to hasten the fitting procedure and the sale process, or ignorance of the contouring procedure and purpose. We cannot emphasize strongly enough the necessity of having the Internal Staves removed from the backpack and contoured to the individual back, regardless of product brand. If a dealer is not prepared to remove and contour these Internal Staves to the customers individual back as part of the fitting process, we would suggest the customer SHOP ELSEWHERE!

What is the purpose of contouring the Internal Staves?

Contouring the Internal Staves correctly is essential for correct backpack fit and functionality. White Mountain Backpacks™ recommends removing the Internal Staves from the backpack and contouring all Internal Staves to the individual back for the backpack to function correctly. Yes all! Contouring the Internal Staves to the back enables these Internal Staves to simulate the flex action of the spine. When required, this allows an individual to effectively transfer approximately 80% of the weight, to the padded area on the lower back, either side of the Sacrum at the base of the spine. With the Internal Staves carefully contoured to the back, the backpack in the optimum position and provided the backpack is loaded correctly, the distribution of weight through the Internal Staves will ensure maximum comfort. Remember, the base of the backpack should not protrude outside or away from the body and sit squarely on the lower back.

What are Pre-Contoured Internal Staves?Image Internal Staves

White Mountain Backpacks™ has developed through extensive research, a standard curve for each of the Internal Stave lengths used in the White Mountain Backpacks™ range of products. Each set of Internal Staves is pre-contoured to a rigid standard during the manufacturing process. In the majority, the backpack will fit correctly without further adjustment, provided the backpack is of the correct length for the individual. Photograph of the pre-contoured Internal Staves used in the White Mountain™ SHS harness systems. Note how the Internal Staves interlock into the upper Cross Frame to prevent movement.

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