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White Mountain Backpacks™ Manufacturing

Do White Mountain Backpacks™ manufacture Unique Products for customers?

This factory that manufactures our White Mountain Backpacks™ is not considering new customers at present unless the account is already an established business looking for a long-term business relationship. Production runs without repeat orders can severely disrupt the manufacturing processes and factory scheduling, and this is undesirable in a factory that produces high quality backpacks for major international customers. Please bear in mind minimum manufacturing runs are for one standard shipping container and potential customers would need to contact the factory head office directly.

Some potential customers have approached us and asked for a custom design, a sample product, or assistance with design. However, this would cost the customer many thousands of dollars in design conception, customizing for manufacturing practicality, and production of computerized cutting patterns. White Mountain Backpacks™ are not in a position to assist in these circumstances and suggest these customers approach various factories for this support.

Can White Mountain Backpacks™ manufacture a single customized backpack?

We are currently not aware of anyone at present that can supply a custom one-off backpack of the quality and functionality currently available from a credible backpack manufacturer. However, if there is a manufacturer out there that can supply this service, we would be happy to include a referral link here from this website.

Are there factories that can manufacture small runs of Unique Products?

There are factories that will manufacture small runs (sample runs), with the view to further business and a few of these factories are listed on our website under Backpack Manufacturers. The types of companies having backpacks manufactured through these factories are large independent retail stores, retail chains, or even backpack wholesalers.

What are the problems associated in manufacturing Unique Products?

Retail stores or potential suppliers that secure a small run of their own design (a unique product) would discover that the purchase price is equivalent to the wholesale price of similar products available from large backpack suppliers. This would leave the product open to copying, and/or competition from major backpack providers. However, having a unique product and brand does prevent product comparison with any other like product on the market. A customer can order large volumes, but then there are storage issues, marketing expenses, and sales volumes to consider ensuring that you do not fall behind with fashion and functional design advancements in competitor products.

Lack of repeat orders are due to the following reasons:

  • Over confidence on behalf of the purchaser to sell product within a reasonable time period.
  • Money paid in advance saving little money in comparison to wholesale purchases.
  • The customer does not have the existing volume of sales, an already established market, or does not have the resources to create a new market for their product.

Most eventually deciding to source product from current backpack wholesalers.

Are there backpack patterns available to purchase from White Mountain?

There are no patterns available from the factory or White Mountain Backpacks™ and we have not heard of anyone taking the time to create a backpack pattern including instructions. We believe most people outside of a professional manufacturer would not attempt such a difficult and complex task of making a fully functional backpack, apart from perhaps a small daypack.

Do White Mountain Backpacks™ supply Backpack Fabrics and/or Components?

White Mountain Backpacks™ do not supply backpack components, but have listed a number of online companies that do provide these products. Begin your search at our links page - Links Directory.

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