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White Mountain Backpacks™ has been responsible for innovative design in performance backpacks for more than 30 years. Our personal experience comes from the partners combined 70 years of recreational and military backpack usage, 15 years of wholesaling backpacks within Australia, and 36 years of retailing and manufacturing design. During this time we have listen to our customers and their ideas, combining design and technology to produce high quality and high functioning ergonomic unisex backpacks that will perform in the most severe conditions.

White Mountain Backpacks™ Internal Frame travel backpacks, hybrid backpacks, hike packs and daypack designs offer premium quality, anatomically correct, high functioning backpacks at extraordinarily low prices when compared to any high quality competitor product. We guarantee exceptional performance, fit, comfort, and quality.

White Mountain Backpacks™ are fitting professionals in the customised fitting of internal frame travel packs, hike packs, and daypacks.

To correctly customise and contour the Internal Staves for online orders, all we need is the your own Torso Length.

619 Plenty Road,
Preston VIC 3072
Melbourne Australia
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