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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the White Mountain™ Life Time Guarantee cover?

From the date of purchase, all White Mountain™ products come with a Lifetime Guarantee against material and manufacturing faults occurring during the useful life of the backpack. It is very difficult to measure the life of a product, at White Mountain™ we carefully select fabrics and components that will provide weather resistance and functionality after prolonged use. However, the life of a product will depend how much and in what conditions the product is used. Damages caused by fair wear and tear, abuse or misuse are not covered by this guarantee, and this particularly applies to zippers. This does not limit the assistance or advice available in correcting any problem related to your White Mountain™ product.

White Mountain Backpacks™ Lifetime Warranty does not cover mildew damage and hydrolysis (delaminating) of materials.

Where can a White Mountain™ product be repaired?

White Mountain Backpacks™ recommend taking your backpack to a reputable outdoor equipment repair specialist, or to return your product to White Mountain Backpacks™. Simple repairs can be carried out by a local canvas manufacturer, boot repair store, or furniture upholsterer that have the necessary machinery to carry out such repairs. If you have problems in locating a suitable repair service, please contact White Mountain Backpacks™ direct.

What about White Mountain™ warranty repairs?

If the repair is a warranty claim, please detail the repair in a letter or email to White Mountain™ . Once the repair has been validated and a receipt received, a reimbursement for the repair costs will be sent to you. White Mountain™ do not ask that the product be sent to us, simply to avoid freight costs and delays for yourself. White Mountain™ products rarely fail, but anything is possible.

A receipt of purchase is not required when returning the product to a White Mountain™ direct.
Please note that the cost of freight to White Mountain™ for repairs will be borne by the customer.

How do I clean my White Mountain™ product?

Be very careful of harsh cleansers or even household detergents. While these cleansers may not damage the outside of the fabric, the inside of the backpack fabric is coated with a layer of polyurethane. The polyurethane keeps the backpack water resistant and can be easily harmed by harsh chemicals causing it to delaminate (peel off) if mistreated. We recommend using only warm water and a soft cloth to clean the backpack. If you must use a cleanser, use a mild soap and do not use it on the inside of the backpack. Avoid immersing the backpack in water for long periods of time, particularly in salt water, as this may also cause the delaminating of the cold bonded PU Coating on the inside of the backpack. If your backpack is exposed or immersed in salt water or chlorinated (pool) water at any time, rinse thoroughly in fresh water immediately after exposure and allow to air dry in the shade. And NEVER, and we mean NEVER, PUT A BACKPACK INTO A WASHING MACHINE, or SPIN DRYER.

It is recommended you NEVER turn the backpack or bag inside out and dry in direct sunlight as this may also damage the Polyurethane coating.

Why are prices at White Mountain™ so much lower than an average retail store?

Because of the large combined volume of products that are manufactured at our factory and by supplying products direct, we are able to provide the White Mountain™ products at lower prices. White Mountain™ operates a virtual store, we do not have the overhead expenses associated with operating a traditional store, as such these additional savings are then passed on to you our valued customer.

Can the customer be assured that they will be able to continue to purchase from White Mountain™ ?

White Mountain Backpacks™ is committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.
You can be assured that we will always carry a wide selection of backpack products and continue to expand the products available.

Does White Mountain™ sell other brands, superseded and or sample products?

White Mountain Backpacks™ do not carry or sell any competitor brands, even those that are manufactured in the same factory.
We do from time to time have superseded, or sample White Mountain™ items available and these can be viewed and purchased through our online store.

Do White Mountain™ have any catalogues, or inventory price lists that can be sent to their customers

The only source of information is the White Mountain™ website which is continually updated.

Are the items presented on the Internet the only products that White Mountain Backpacks™  carry?

All available products, shipping, pricing, and far more information can be obtained at our web site.

Do White Mountain™ have any Retail Stores other than their own Showroom?

There are now no White Mountain™ retail outlets available, all purchases are now only available online or at our showroom..

Where can return items purchased over the Internet be sent for an exchange or credit?

All merchandise purchased over the internet must be returned directly to White Mountain™.

Can White Mountain™ manufacture specially requested items for their customers?

No, unfortunately the price would be prohibitive to manufacture a one off backpack product.
Minimum orders direct from high quality manufacturers is 500 to 1,000 units, and a minimum purchase value will also apply.

Do White Mountain™ provide the contact information for the designers their backpack products?

All White Mountain products are designed and manufactured by the White Mountain™ team.

How are White Mountain™ products delivered?

All orders are shipped via Australia Post.

What are White Mountain™ shipping charges?

Please review our Freight Directory page.

Can my White Mountain™ order be delivered on the weekend?

No, Australia Post does not pick up nor deliver packages on weekends.

Can I have my White Mountain™ order delivered to a post office box?

Yes, Australia Post does deliver packages to post office (PO) boxes.

Do White Mountain™ deliver to international destinations?

Yes, Australia Post does deliver packages to international destinations.

Have there been many complaints about damaged products due to mishandling during delivery?

No, backpacks are not easily damaged in transit and to date there have been no notifications of products being damaged as a result of shipping.

Is the White Mountain™ website secure?

Ensuring secure online purchasing is a vital part of our commitment to honour your privacy. The White Mountain Backpacks™ site uses SSL (secure socket layers) to protect your personal information, including all personal information, your name and your credit card information. This is to ensure that none of your personal information can be read while being transferred from your web browser to our Internet site. The most important point is our site is secured to protect you and your privacy.

Is it safer to place orders over the phone than on the Internet?

Both means of ordering are secure. However, if you feel more comfortable placing your order with one of our customer service representatives, please do not hesitate to phone White Mountain™ Backpacks direct.

Does White Mountain™ sell customer information or customer lists to other companies?

All information submitted to White Mountain remains confidential. Customers can be assured that we do not sell any of the provided information to other enterprises, nor do we transfer information to other enterprises for marketing purposes.

Will the customer's order be sent to their billing address?

All orders will be sent to the address that the customer has listed as their shipping address.

How long will it take before orders are processed and shipped?

Generally, orders that are received before 10 AM Eastern Standard Time are processed and shipped that same day or the very next day at the latest. However, processing time is dependent on whether the billing and shipping information is accurate.

What is White Mountain™ policy on customer returns?

Within 30 days of receiving your package, you may return any unopened merchandise in its original sellable condition. Please note that return authorization is required and all free gifts must be returned with the products. White Mountain™ can only refund shipping costs if the return is a result of our error, but we do offer some compensation for delivery costs incurred in returning products.

Any discrepancy in your order should be reported to White Mountain™ immediately.

Are customers required to pay the shipping charges for items that are being returned?

We can only refund shipping costs if the return is a result of a White Mountain™ error in processing your order. If we have made a mistake, we will pay for the shipping costs.

What is the White Mountain™ policy on issuing customer credits for returned merchandise?

Once it is determined that the returned merchandise is in a resalable condition, we will then issue the customer credit for the merchandise.

Once packages have left the White Mountain™ premises, who has the responsibility for product delivery?

Once merchandise has left our premises, the responsibility for safe delivery is with our carrier Australia Post. On behalf of its customers, White Mountain™ will seek recourse from the carrier in the event of loss or damage and subsequently seek compensation for damaged products.

How long after ordering are White Mountain™ products shipped?

Orders are usually shipped within 24 hours.

How are users notified if a White Mountain™ product ordered is out of stock?

If there is any problem with the order the customer is notified by email.

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