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Rain Covers

Rain Cover

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With Apologies the 25L to 35L is Sold Out

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Rain Cover





Small 25 – 35 L 100gms 1,526 – 2,136 cu in 3.53 ounces
Medium 35 – 45 L 100gms 2,136 – 2,746 cu in 3.53 ounces
Large 50 – 65 L 140gms 3,051 – 3,967 cu in 4.94 ounces
X Large 65 – 80 L 140gms 3,967 – 4,882 cu in 4.94 ounces
  • Waterproofed PU Coated Nylon
  • Built in storage pocket
  • Elastic closure on the: 25 - 35 & 35 - 45 litre Rain Cover
  • Draw Cord and Cord Lock closure on the:
    50 - 65 & 65 - 80 litre Rain Cover
We do not include the dimensions of the rain cover as this product is designed for volume. The 65L to 80L Rain Cover is designed to cover an object of 80L on 3 sides with a small overlap on the fourth side, where it is secured with the elastic or draw cord provided. This Rain Cover is suitable for use on a volume of 65L to 80L which is the largest volume Rain Cover we provide. For an exact fit, always choose a Rain Cover of the correct size for the volume you wish to cover. For instance, if the overall size of your backpack is Height 65cm x Width 35cm x Depth 25cm = 56,875cu cm or approximately 57L, then choose a Rain Cover of 50L to 65L.

It does not matter what these dimensions are as we are talking only of the volume. The backpack or object may be 44cm x 43.5cm x 29.5cm = 56,473 cu cm or approximately 56L, then we would choose the same size Rain Cover, the 50L to 65L.

Remember if you have an extending lid of 15cm on this backpack you may wish to cover this also, so you would an overall size of Height 80cm (65cm + 15cm) x Width 35cm x Depth 25cm = 70,000cu cm or 70L, then choose the 65L to 80L Rain Cover.

Choosing a Rain Cover that is too small would obviously not work, and choosing a Rain Cover too large could result in a large excess of material that would not be hugging your backpack securely.

Rain Covers FAQ's

W1 Are White Mountain Backpacks™ waterproof?

All White Mountain Backpacks™ backpack materials have a polyurethane (PU) coating and are waterproof to varying degrees. The only true fully waterproof packs are made of vinyl and have welded seams. Waterproof zips are available, but are very expensive and can more than double the price of the finished backpack. There are water resistant zips now available on the market often promoted as waterproof, however White Mountain Backpacks™ have not approved the use of these zips in the manufacturing of White Mountain Backpacks™.

W2 Are the seams on White Mountain Backpacks™ Waterproof?

While not entirely waterproof, all interior seams are bound with a polyurethane proofed nylon webbing that reduces water penetration to a bare minimum. If you think it necessary and wish to further waterproof the seams, you can seam seal all seams with a liquid silicon seam sealer, available from most outdoor stores.

W3 Are Internal Liners necessary?

Some backpackers avoid external rain covers completely and use internal liners instead. These less expensive internal liners are heavy gauge plastic bags similar to what you'd see as a garden waste or a survival bag. Others opt for Dry Bags, which are actually designed for canoe or kayaking trips. The dry bags are far more durable than plastic, but also weigh considerably more. The advantage of an internal liner? You still have ready access to the backpack. The disadvantage? The backpack is not protected on the outside.

W4 Bivvy Bags

We recommend the use of bivvy bags in all circumstances, especially with hiking backpacks. Bivvy Bags will protect your gear from water and allow you to organise your backpack for ease of access. The use of different colored Bivvy Bags is recommended and will enable all your stored equipment to be color coded for ease of identification.

W5 Are Rain Covers Necessary?

Most backpacks have a waterproof polyurethane (PU) coating, that means water won't penetrate the backpack, right? Well actually, NO! Polyurethane (PU) coatings prevent water entering through the fabric, but don't prevent water from getting into the backpack through the seams and through the zippers. Bear in mind that lower quality backpacks have less stitching over a given area, and use a inferior thread. Inferior threads are not tensioned enough to form a tight bond on the adjoining materials, and this can easily be demonstrated by gaps formed when gently pulling on these adjoining materials. When fully packed a lower quality backpack will expose these gaps and allow greater water penetration. A backpack with higher quality thread that is stitched and tensioned to prevent gaping will prevent excessive water entering the backpack, particularly if bound internally with a waterproof nylon tape stitched over the exposed seam, as in all White Mountain Backpacks™..

W6 What is the correct Rain Cover Size Selection?

Care must be taken in selecting a Rain Cover size. If you strap gear on the outside of your backpack, you'll want to make sure that the Rain Cover will fit over all of the backpack, external attachments and all. A generic XL Rain Cover should be large enough to cover all the gear. A personal choice on size is one reason we do not sew Rain Covers to the backpack, another is that Rain Covers are generally only required in severe weather conditions.

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