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A lot of emphasis is placed on backpack weight, yet little is discussed on the relationship of backpack weight, backpack fitting and backpack comfort.

Having a lightweight backpack with insufficient strength of design, minimum padding, and limited harness functionality is of little comfort when your backpack is not, or cannot be correctly custom fitted. We believe that it is far better to have a correctly custom fitted backpack than a backpack that may be some 500 to 1000 grams lighter. A backpack with a fully functional harness correctly custom fitted will be easier to carry and will greatly reduce physical fatigue, particularly on longer treks and when carrying heavier loads. Here at White Mountain Backpacks™ we have correctly fitted quality backpacks that have been in use for more than 15 years. These backpacks have been in use all this time with internal staves that were completely straight, with no evidence of an attempt by the seller to correctly fit the backpack.

The higher weight of Travel Backpacks is discussed when we talk of backpack weight, but please remember that these Travel Backpacks will usually include the removable daypack. The removable daypack on a Travel Backpack can weigh as much as 1kg of the total backpack weight.

In summary, poor comfort is often blamed on the overall weight of the backpack rather than looking to having the backpack correctly fitted. A whole market has been created on lightweight backpacks without fully exploring the fact that a great number of backpacks are sold without a correct fitting. The fact is some of these backpacks have poor harness designs, are not designed as a unisex harness, are not able to be correctly fitted, are too large for the user, or have an internal stave that is so soft it cannot provide adequate support to the backpack. Fitting a backpack must always include removing and contouring the Internal Staves to your back by a professional, and instruction provided on correctly putting on and taking off your backpack to prevent back and shoulder injury.

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