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Hybrid Backpacks

Hybrid Backpacks have all the attributes of a Hiking Backpack and Travel Backpack combined.

What are the additional features of a Hybrid Travel Pack?

  1. The Hybrid Backpack is top and panel loading combining the attributes of a Travel pack and Hiking Backpacks.
  2. The Hybrid Backpack is designed with the traveller who requires a larger capacity backpack with a blend of features that are necessary to accommodate comfortable frequent high capacity travelling.
  3. The Hybrid Backpack can have a division at the base of the storm collar which is dual zipped and lockable to prevent access to the upper compartment.

Hybrid backpacks are not designed to replace Hiking Backpacks for these reasons:

  1. Hybrid packs are designed with many more features than Travel and Hiking Backpacks adding considerable weight, in some cases as much as 30% more weight than a dedicated Travel Backpack or Hiking Backpack. However this weight can be reduced by removing the removable daypack and shoulder sling which could weigh up to 1,000gms.
  2. Hybrid Backpacks have more stitching and zips, therefore in severe weather provides less weather protection for your gear than a dedicated Hiking Backpack. However, the use of a rain cover will give you all the protection required in adverse weather conditions.
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