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Features of a Daypack:

Daypacks come in many shapes and sizes, designed for an endless choice of purpose. Daypacks are available with internal organisers, a multitude of pocket designs, possibly a facility for a water reservoir, and perhaps a provision to store a skateboard or bike helmet. We still recommend that these backpacks when carrying heavy weight have a fully featured harness system to provide the support required. Therefore, it is important to remember when choosing a daypack, to purchase a daypack that will fulfill your purpose.

Daypacks normally have a capacity of around 15 to 40 litres, and are frameless with only a webbing waist belt.

Types of Daypacks

Rectangular Daypacks

These are a multiple purpose front or panel opening daypacks with a padded back for use at school or the office. Designed for maximum volume to hold A4 folders or files. These backpacks can have more than the one compartment and will generally include a front pocket with an internal organiser.

Teardrop Daypacks

Teardrop Daypacks are a multiple purpose front or panel opening daypacks with a padded back for school, office, or day walks. Tear drop packs are excellent for climbers, cross country skiers, runners, or cyclists, allowing full shoulder movement.

Top Loading Daypacks

Top Loading Daypacks include a padded back and are designed for the all-day trekker. The top loading aspect of these daypacks have the attributes of a Tear Drop daypack allowing full shoulder movement. Top loading daypacks are stuffed from the top which provides full use of all the available space within the daypack.

Framed Daypacks

Framed Daypacks should have the attributes of a Tear Drop Daypack allowing full shoulder movement. These daypacks will also have a fully padded hip belt, a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Frame Sheet or a HDPE Frame Sheet combined with an Internal Stave for maximum load support. The combination of a fully padded Hip Belt and HDPE frame sheet and Internal Stave combination provides for the correct placement of weight and maximum comfort whilst carrying heavy loads. These backpacks are excellent in protecting the back particularly with school children. This is provided the backpack is worn correctly and not over the one shoulder or too low on the back.

Performance Daypacks

A series of Front Opening and Top Loading daypacks with a fully featured harness system. This includes a combination of a HDPE Frame Sheet and Internal Stave/s, Airflow Mesh for keeping the back cool and dry, a fully padded Hip Belt with Lower Compression Straps for stability, and longer Harness Shoulder Straps to allow correct positioning on your back. These backpacks are designed for the sportsperson whether they be climbers, cross country skiers, runners, or cyclists. These daypacks are the perfect recommended solution for school use to prevent back injury in children and adults.

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