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Backpack Fitting

Step 4 - Position the Upper Load Stabilizer Straps

After correctly positioning the Harness Shoulder Straps the exit point of the Upper Load Stabilizer Straps are the next consideration in the fitting process.

Before proceeding we must ensure that the  Internal Staves are following the contour of the back, the Hip Belt is now positioned correctly across the Iliac Crest, and the curve of the Harness Shoulder Straps is positioned in the centre of the chest.

The exit point of the Upper Load Stabilizer Straps is at the front of the shoulder, on or just below the collar bone (clavicle). This pull position of the Upper load Stabilizer Straps can be adjusted by sliding the 25mm buckle up or down the lower webbing to achieve correct positioning.

The Upper Load Stabilizer Straps pull position at the front of the shoulder to the fixed position on the backpack should not be more than a 45 degree angle.

Do not over tension the Upper Load Stabiliser Straps. Over tensioning and having these straps incorrectly pull at more than 45ยบ from the exit point on the Harness Shoulder Straps to the anchor point on the backpack, lifts the Shoulder Straps, renders the Sternum Strap ineffective and places excessive unnecessary stress on the chest.

Position Upper Load Stabiliser Strap 
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