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Backpack Fitting

Step 3 - Position the Harness Shoulder Strap

Position Harness Shoulder Straps - Front Position Harness Shoulder Straps - Back 

After contouring the Internal Staves and setting the Torso Length on the Harness Shoulder Straps, put on the backpack. Adjust the backpack position by pulling on the Harness Shoulder Straps (towards the back of the backpack to avoid the buckles locking) and the Internal Staves should now be following the curve of the back and the Hip Belt will be level with the Illiac Crest, the top of the Hip Bone below the last rib.

The curve of the Harness Shoulder Straps should now be positioned at the centre of the chest. If this is not the case you will need to adjust the Ladder Harness, Sliding Yoke Harness, or Independent Sliding Harness to increase or decrease the Torso Length, and correct the positioning of the Harness Shoulder Straps.

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