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Backpack Fitting

Step 1. Measure Torso Length

Measure your Torso Length as follows

Measure Torso Length - Profile Measure Torso Length - Back
  1. Begin at a point on the spine level with the top of the Iliac Crest, which is the pelvic bone crest (Iliac Crest) directly below the lower rib in your waist.
  2. Measure in a direct line up to the base of the neck, or the top of the seventh cervical vertebrae (C7) the prominent bone or large knuckle at the base of the neck. Or more simply, when bending the head backwards this is the crease of the neck.
  3. If measuring along the curve of the spine subtract approximately 3cm to obtain the Straight Line Torso Length measurement. The Internal Stave will reduce in height by approximately 3cm after contouring. This will place the top of the Internal Stave at the top of the shoulder and allow for unrestricted head movement.
  4. The average Straight Line Torso length for the female Torso is 42cm (16.5") to 48cm (19.0") and for males 46cm (18") to 52cm (20.5") You should find that your measurement is in this range if measured correctly, however the range of Torso length for females and males in our experience is between a minimum of 38cm (15") and maximum of 54cm (21.5").

The current Torso Length markings on a White Mountain™ backpack harness system use the Straight Line Torso Length measurement.

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