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Backpack Fitting


White Mountain™ specialise in designing and fitting internal frame backpacks, not just adjusting straps. We contour the Internal Frame and customise the harness to provide synergy between the backpack and your back, even for online orders.

  1. Are you aware of the soft tissue and muscle damage caused by an ill-fitted backpack?
  2. Were you incorrectly informed that you carry the majority of the backpack weight on your hips? When wearing your backpack correctly the majority of the load is shared between the shoulders and the lumbar of your back, and not carried on the hips.
  3. Were you incorrectly informed that you simply choose a backpack by total capacity required, rather than the necessity of choosing a backpack of the correct length?
  4. Were you incorrectly informed that the harness padding is all there is to a comfortable backpack?
  5. Were you incorrectly informed that internal frame backpacks would eventually take the correct shape and contour to your back? Well this does happen when brands use inferior internal staves that are soft and provide no support.
  6. Were you informed on the importance of reducing backpack float or sway in backpack design?, Did the retail sales person weight your backpack and you felt as though you were going to fall over backwards?
  7. Were you aware that a backpack without a full Hip Belt and Internal Stave/s, or combination of HDPE frame sheet and internal stave/s cannot be custom fitted?
  8. Most importantly, were the Internal Staves of your backpack removed from the backpack and individually contoured to your back curvature? After 20 years of intensive research White Mountain™ are able to contour the Internal Staves and custom backpacks to your Torso Length for online orders.
  9. Are you aware that a webbing waist strap simply reduces backpack movement and provides no back support, and is no substitute for a full Hip Belt? Having some padding added to the waist belt as an afterthought is no substitute for a correctly designed Hip Belt.
  10. Have you tried on countless backpacks and no one has offered to correctly custom fit the backpack of your choice?
  11. And the best statement of all from backpack suppliers instore and online, "the manufacturer supplies the backpack pre-fitted, we have never needed to fit a backpack" Well this is partly true, as backpacks can be supplied with excessive foam and soft Internal Staves that bend to follow the curve of your back. However, under even a light load these poorly designed harness systems will fail to provide the required support. You still require and deserve personal and professionally contoured internal staves and custom fitting.

We are on a mission to have all backpack sellers provide the appropriate backpack for their customers, and to customer fit these backpacks correctly. In any given week we are fitting numerous backpacks for the benefit of competitor’s customers that have not had their backpack correctly custom fitted or the Internal Staves contoured.

The steps to fitting a backpack fully are;

  1. The Internal Staves are the correct size and have been removed, correctly contoured, and reinstalled in the backpack.
  2. The Harness Shoulder Straps have been positioned correctly using the available the Torso Length adjustment.
  3. The Upper Load Stabiliser Straps are tensioned, positioned correctly, and exit at the correct angle to the backpack..
  4. The Hip Belt is in the correct position and tensioned fully.
  5. The  Sternum Strap is tensioned to place the weight on the chest and correctly position the Harness Shoulder Straps.
  6. The Lower Load Stabiliser Straps are tensioned to draw the backpack into the lower back.
  7. The Harness Shoulder Straps are loosened slightly to shift the majority of the backpack load onto the lower back.
  8. The Sternum Strap has a final adjustment after repositioning the backpack load with the Harness Shoulder Straps.

FREE Backpack Fitting

For your back's sake, come on in for a no obligation demonstration of how modern internal frame backpacks function from one of our backpack designers. Bring in your existing Internal Frame Travel Pack, Hike Pack, or Daypack and have it professionally fitted. No, it doesn't matter what brand, or when you purchased your backpack, just come on in and we will improve the performance of your backpack. We will demonstrate how the fitting is accomplished, how to safely put on and take off your backpack, and how to best load your backpack.

619 Plenty Road,
Preston VIC 3072
Melbourne Australia
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