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Sternum Strap

What is the Sternum Strap?

The Sternum Strap connects the left and right Harness Shoulder Straps at the centre of the chest. The Sternum Strap distributes some of the backpack weight across the chest, prevents the Harness Shoulder Straps from drifting onto the shoulder joint or slipping off the shoulder, and positions the Harness Shoulder Straps comfortably flat on the chest.

What is the correct position of the Sternum Strap?

The correct position of the Sternum Strap when wearing a backpack is in the middle of the sternum or breastbone. If the Sternum Strap is lower or higher than this position it may interfere with effective breathing. It is important that you do not over tension the Sternum Strap as this would prevent the Harness Shoulder Straps from making full flat contact on the chest.

White Mountain™ recommend always using a correctly positioned Sternum Strap if available, particularly on extended walks or when carrying heavier loads. When climbing, bending over, or scrambling over rough terrain the Sternum Strap will ensure greater backpack comfort under load. The Sternum Strap is necessary for Harness Shoulder Strap positioning and comfort, and works best when the Harness Shoulder Strap is correctly adjusted to the Individuals Torso Length.

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