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Backpack Construction

The HDPE Sheet

HDPE Sheet

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic is a ridged high tensile strength sheet. The material is sturdy and resists vigorous handling, stabilised against ultraviolet light, is resistant to both hot and cold extremes and is used in the mining, oil/gas, agriculture, marine, chemical storage and food industries.

The HDPE Sheet can also have single or double vertical Internal Stave/s in 50 mm webbing stitched to the HDPE Frame Sheet. This provides further support and by bending the  Internal Stave/s and the entire HDPE frame sheet together, we can contour the backpack to suit the individual’s back. This possible even if the HDPE Sheet is not removable from the backpack. This combination of the HDPE Frame Sheet and Internal Stave/s protects the back and assists in correct load distribution.

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