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Backpack Construction

Backpack Compression Straps

What are External Compression Straps?

Compression Straps are an essential feature of an Internal Frame Backpack and allow you to compress the backpack around loaded equipment to provide a tight and stable load. When there is not enough equipment in the backpack to fill it to maximum capacity, the Compression Straps close up that extra space preventing undesirable load sway, or pack float. Compression Straps are located on both sides of the backpack and usually comprise of 25 mm or 1” webbing straps, ladder lock buckles, side release buckles, or a combination these buckles. Backpacks come with as many as three or more Compression Straps on either side, with top loading hiking or hybrid backpacks also having two (2) Compression Straps that run down the front of the backpack that secure the top lid tight against the backpack. These top loading hiking or hybrid backpacks can also have height adjustable lids, and can have three to five Compression Straps holding the top lid securely to the backpack.

What are Sleeping Bag Compression Straps?

Sleeping Bag Compression Straps are vertical straps that run over the lower sleeping bag compartment. When fully packed and before zipping closed, tighten down the Sleeping Bag Compression Straps to provide a stable base for the upper compartment contents. This will alleviate pressure on the zip closure, protect the zipper from stress damage, and allow for easier closing of the lower compartment,. The Sleeping Bag Compression Straps should also be long enough to provide horizontal attachment of a sleeping mat, sleeping bag, stuff sack, or even a small roll bag.

What are Internal Compression Straps?

Internal Compression Straps provide for the compression of the internal load allowing for easier closure of a fully loaded backpack and work in conjunction with the External Compression Straps.

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