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Backpack Construction

Backpack Harness

The Backpack Harness System

A backpack harness system is a combination of backpack, Harness Shoulder Straps, and hip or waist belt that offers the facility to carry a backpack. Fully functional backpack designs can also have an internal High Density Polyethylene Frame Sheet, an Internal Frame, or maybe a combination of both. These harness systems should also include adjustable Harness Shoulder Straps to allow for differing Torso lengths and body types, a sternum strap, Upper and Lower Load Stabiliser Straps, and a comfortable Lumbar Pad.

These are the key components that make up a Harness System that when design well and fitted correctly provide a truly balanced backpack. This synergy of backpack engineering is achieved over many years of field-testing, which is ever evolving and led by companies that commit themselves to building the better backpack. However, these backpacks will only function as the manufacturer intended in correctly fitted or customized backpacks.

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